Explore our roadmap, detailing upcoming developments.

Explore our roadmap, detailing upcoming developments.


Explore our accomplished features and the success stories behind them

Conception & Planning

Conceptualized the core features, functionalities, governance mechanisms and design principles of ERC-7621, focusing on interoperability, scalability, security, and user experience. Created technical documentation.

ALVA TGE & Public Round + IDO

Deployed the ALVA smart contract on Ethereum. Successfully filled Public Round Sale via Tenset's TGLP, raising $2.4M. Conducted Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on Uniswap V3

CEX Listings

ALVA Spot listings on Bitget, MEXC and Poloniex. ALVA Perpetuals listing on Deepcoin

In progress

Discover our latest developments and projects we're currently working on

Bridge to Avalanche

Bridge ALVA to Avalanche C-Chain and conduct second DEX offering on Trader Joe.

ERC-7621 Development

Implemented and audited smart contracts and submitted to Ethereum. Officially merged as draft standard (ERC-7621).

Cross-Chain Capabilities

We are currently in the process of developing a fully cross-chain solution starting with EVM chains.

Paal AI Integration

Paal AI in collaboration with Alvara are developing an AI-driven assistant to aid users in designing personalized investment baskets, leveraging cutting-edge technology for informed decision-making

In planning

Explore our future plans and upcoming initiatives to shape tomorrow

Testnet dApp

Deployment of the Testnet dApp is complete, and it is now undergoing comprehensive testing with a select external group.

Mainnet dApp

Mainnet is an easy-to-use basket-building platform allowing non-programmers with no previous technical knowledge to create BTS tokens. On-platform Community: Developing an integrated community environment within the platform.

Alvara DAO & Staking Platform

Developing the Alvara DAO and ALVA locking pages

BTS Marketplace

Designing and building a marketplace for users to sell their rights to their BTS


Trade BTS LP tokens and earn fees by contributing liquidity

Socials Verification

Adding the ability for managers to connect their BTS to their Twitter/Instagram/Website to prove ownership

Xerberus Integration

Integrating a risk-rating and verification scoring system for BTS tokens and BTS managers

Immersve Integration

Provide all users with a USDC wallet within their user portfolio to fund and top up their Alvara Mastercard

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©2024 Alvara Protocol.